Over the coming months I'm going to be working on a batch of new songs.

Having lived in the shadow of war here in Israel since October, there is a lot I'm ready to process. I don't know, as we never know, what's going to emerge, but I know that I'm ready to make the space and devote the time and energy necessary to writing new songs.

My invitation to you is to join me from the very beginning of this songwriting process. I want to offer you a front-row seat to the magic so that you can witness how songs emerge and where they come from.

I've never opened up this private, solitary part of the songwriting process before. I've always welcomed people in once I feel steady with songs. However, this part always felt a little too tender.

But I'm different now, as we all are. The last few years - moving my family to Israel and then living through a pandemic, a minor war and now a full-blown war - have changed me. I'm willing to be vulnerable in ways that I wasn't willing to before.

However, in addition to witnessing my creative process, I am also offering those who are interested a space in which to create as well.

As people send me prompts and ideas for me to work from, I will send those out to the Song Team so that anyone who wants to can also work from the prompts. This means that everyone who wants to gets to share art and we all get to support each other. 

Members of the Song Team are invited to:

  • Submit song ideas, titles or quotes to me for consideration
  • Work in any medium of your choosing and bring your work to the group for ideas and support
  • Hear the backstory of the my songs as I write them. How it came to be, where the idea came from, what the songwriting process was like.
  • Have a front-row seat to the magic of the writing process, however that develops with each song
  • Be the first to hear every new song in this batch of songs
  • Offer feedback on new songs

Over the next few months, half-hour meetings will take place over Zoom on some Sundays beginning at 10am MT/12pm ET/7pm IST. I send out the replays for those who are unable to join live.

Does this sound fun? Then come join us!