Hey beautiful.

Have you been taking care of everyone else for so long
that you’ve lost touch with fun, passionate, creative you?

Are you so overwhelmed that you can't even
imagine having the bandwidth to live the life YOU want?

Are you soooo tired from pretending
and putting on your game face?

I hear you.

Here are some things I've observed about us women over the years:

  • We table our dreams
  • We settle and play it safe
  • We're terrified to fail so we don't take risks
  • We hold back on being silly and fun
  • We stop tapping into our creative outlets
  • We don't trust ourselves so we look to others for approval
  • We abandon ourselves
  • We have our hands much more in everybody else's lives than in our own
  • We put others' needs before our own
  • We apologize approximately 1,000,000% more than is necessary

Why do we do these things?

  • It helped us build successful careers.
  • We want to be seen as role models, professionals, and women who are put-together.
  • Motherhood orients us toward safety and away from risk.
  • We somehow bought into the idea that we're only entitled to do something if we do it perfectly.
  • We were taught to make others comfortable and that our desires are selfish.
  • We live in a man's world

What can we do about it?

If you are yearning to rediscover the YOU who has hidden behind smiles and masks for sooo long, I invite you to join us for:

CAYA: Come As You Are

CAYA is a six-week gathering space for women to reconnect with your passion, dreams, and YOU. It's your opportunity to take off the mask, stop hiding, take stock of where you are and where you're going, and be yourself.

Give yourself a break. Your body, mind and soul are screaming for it.

Why is it important to change this paradigm?
Abandoning yourself and your deepest desires doesn't serve you or your family. Your resentment doesn't serve your family.

You serve your loved ones best when you feel alive and happy, when you are squarely in your own life (not theirs), and when you know you're contributing in meaningful ways that are in alignment with your highest purpose. We want to hear more of your voice!

What can you expect in this program?
In CAYA, you can expect the spaciousness, structure, and support necessary to:

  • Just be
  • Feel
  • Get authentically creative
  • Use your voice
  • Tell the truth
  • Think about the impact you want to have on your family and the world
  • Reflect on what would living life on your own terms might look like
  • Take emotional risks in a safe environment
  • Be part of a loving community where you can bring your whole self to dream again.
  • Spend interactive time together learning, reflecting, journaling, creating, visualizing, and more.

What changes can you expect during and after CAYA?
Expect greater clarity about who you are and where you want to go, and experience breakthroughs about how to get there. Expect a fresh dose of courage.

CAYA is a six-week gathering.

We will meet over Zoom the following Wednesdays from 12-2pm Eastern Time/7-9pm Israel:

June 8

June 15
June 22
June 29
July 6
July 13

Gatherings will be recorded in case you have to miss one.

Who is CAYA for?
CAYA is for any woman who feels a full-body YES! to more spaciousness, growth, fun, and community. This is for you if you are in or considering making a life shift, feeling stuck, worn down, in need of a refresh, and/or craving some time and love for yourself.

This is for you whether or not we have worked together before.


Hit me up! julie@juliegeller.com

Two installments of $240


"I'm so grateful for everything you given us, your wisdom, insight, incredibly helpful rubrics and ways of thinking about things, but more than anything else the way you unequivocally embrace each of us and hold space for each of us to be exactly who we are, as we are, in every moment."

--Leah Solomon, Chief Education Officer, Encounter

Leah Solomon Testimonial

Joanna Arch, Coaching Client

"Working with Julie will change your life in ways large and small. It will hold you accountable to advancing your creative vision, even if you don't yet know what yours is. "

-- Joanna Arch, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Julie Geller

Who is Julie?

I have been a performing musician for over twenty-five years, a partner for twenty-two, and a mother for nineteen. Here's what I've learned through my life journey so far:

  • Tell the truth.
  • Serve your people. Don't ask them for love or approval. Offer it to them instead.
  • Honor, rather than ignore, your needs in order to best serve your family
  • Invest in healing. Heal the trauma you're carrying from your own life, your mother's, your grandmother's. The dividends are infinite.
  • Your body intelligence is connected to something much deeper than your intellect is.
  • Everyone is afraid. Some people let it stop them, others learn to work with it.
  • There's no success without failure.
  • You can learn to have a loving and abundant creative process.
  • The more of yourself you show us, the more deeply we can love you.
  • Most everyone has the same needs (health, safety, family, etc.). We only disagree about how to meet those needs.
  • Make art while you can as time and health are not promised.
  • You are going to die. Stop doing the safe thing because you're afraid.

Why Work With Me?

I get you.

I've been there - ignoring my own needs in order to serve everybody else, waiting to do things until I was "perfect," feeling terrified that I wasn't talented enough as a musician, not trusting my own instincts, living out unhealthy patterns over and over again.

I learned to move from fear into action, from doubt into confidence. I have and continue to heal. I have learned to trust myself and to tap into the Greater Intelligence of which we are all a part.

This is who I am. No airs. You can listen to my music
here. You'll know right away if we're a good match. And please reach out to me
with any questions at julie@juliegeller.com.