"Your support has helped me set all my internal critiques and perfectionism aside, begin writing again, and have the courage to put my writing out in the world."
--Leah Solomon, Chief Education Officer, Encounter

"You have given me a formula to open and let creativity in. There is no way someone can take this class and not have a creative transformation."  
--Macy Harjot Matarazzo, Love Coach

"This course will change your life in ways large and small. It will hold you accountable to advancing your creative vision, even if you don't yet know what yours is. "
Joanna Arch, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

The lessons I learned in this course were profound and have provided more help and support than any other tools I have tried this year. They have been extremely useful for me professionally, personally and in my creative life.
-- Nechama Katan, Data Wizard

"Since taking this course, my creative life has become unstuck. I am thoroughly excited about all that is to come now that I have easy access to my creative life. "
-- Sara Blanchard, Author and Podcaster

"Since studying with Julie, my creative life is revitalized. I'm reminded of how important it is for my own well-being and happiness and how fun creative work is!"  
-- Aviva Siegel, Poet  

"Being able to talk through challenges and stumbling blocks with a coach who has successfully tackled them herself is invaluable. I am more confident and ready to face challenges and keep growing in my career.” 
Carolyn Shulman, Singer/Songwriter

"With Julie’s compassionate wisdom and the support of an incredible group, I faced my own inner critic and opened channels of creativity that I haven’t seen in years."
 --Dahlia Topolosky, Therapist and Musician

"Julie is an inspiring, creative, supportive and encouraging coach. I have opened up a ten-year creative block that I had in songwriting!"  
Carli Zug, Singer/Songwriter

“Julie is an inspirational leader and teacher, with the remarkable ability to expand the creative ability and expression of each person she encounters and works with."
Patricia Sandler, Educational Consultant

"Julie's own immense creativity, sensitivity and unique perspective, along with her focus on goals and structure, allows everyone to tap into her own creativity and inner strength." 
Amy Berkowitz Caplan, Director of Operations and Writer

“This was an opportunity to challenge myself to go to the next level in my work and my commitment to myself and my creative journey. With the expert guidance of Julie and the overwhelming support of my fellow participants, I met my commitments and was reminded that I can succeed at my goals.”
Miriam Hoffman, Architect

"Julie opened up my mind to new creative outlets until they started transforming far more areas of my life than I anticipated!"
Daphne Frieden, Teacher, Disability Advocate, and Writer

"I found myself tearing up in poignant moments, laughing hard in other moments, and grinning from ear to ear as she followed her on point, powerful intuition to guide me and my classmates to find our creative voices and to make commitments to our creative work based on our unique life situations. Sitting with Julie is warm, precious time."
-- Joyce Fine, PhD

"Before I worked with Julie I was feeling seriously frustrated about the stagnancy of my music career. Julie gave me the blessing of concrete tools to make those dreams more of a reality.  Instead of continuing to feel lost and confused, I felt directed and supported.  I can't imagine having continued on my own without the benefit of Julie's wealth of experience and wisdom.
-- Rachael Rosenbaum, Musician

"Julie is a master group facilitator. She brings together a group of talented people from all over the world who feel somewhat stuck in their art and models how to support one another in locating inner strengths and finding a potential forward. I feel supported and encouraged in my work."
Etta Bendavid, Chaplain and Musician



"...a deep soul, an open, joyful heart and an angelic voice. Julie’s music and teachings are original and inspiring and full of integrity and truth.”  
-- Rabbi Marc Soloway, Congregation Bonai Shalom, Boulder, CO

“Our multi-generational audience was smitten with Julie's warm personality, spiritual stories, sweet voice, lyrical guitar technique, and poised teaching style.”
--Tamara R. Freeman, Music Chair, Temple Israel, Ridgewood, NJ  

"I have booked a number of Julie Geller concerts both at the Robert E. Loup JCC and Kabbalah Experience. Julie's soulful and spirited music and lyrics touch me in deep and meaningful ways. I am always lifted up and feel more deeply connected when I get to see her perform. Not only has Julie become my favorite musician, she has become a dear friend."
-- Melanie Gruenwald, Executive Director, Kabbalah Experience

"You have the soul of a Hasidic Rebbe. Very inspirational."
-- Calvin A., New York

“You've become a vital part of my healing and a profound life coach. Blessings! You have so many times touched my heart, inviting me inwards and onwards! You are so gifted at the Middle Ground.”
--Robert W., Oregon

"It was eerie having someone express many feelings/hopes/thoughts I have running through my own head. And doing so with such strong lyrics and expression." 
-Jan M., Israel

"I have been so ministered to by your music and I love you so much even though we’ve never met in person! I especially love the music you have put to the Psalms- there is nothing like Scripture to song! You are such a blessing."
- Debra G., Colorado

"I don’t always see the magic. Tonight, during your concert, I did.”
--Ronit W., Colorado

“I can't wait for your concert. I really need it right now as I am struggling with life.”
--Bianca M., Colorado

“I will continue to follow all that you do and the most authentic way in which you do it.  You were a bright light on that stage this week.”

--Kathy H., Colorado

“You have the ability to create such a magical atmosphere around you.”
--Noam L., Colorado

 “I'm SO impressed by your openness and gutsy attitude.”
--Linda H., Massachusetts

"I particularly enjoyed the light in your eyes and smile when you sing."
-Ariela O., Israel

 "I sat there last night crying during some of your songs and laughing at others."
- Roz D., Colorado

"What a blessing! Your music is a praise offering."
- Autumn A., YouTube

"Your songs are spiritual, uplifting, heartfelt, fun, with important messages, healing and your voice is so beautiful and calming. A song you wrote over 20 years ago got me through a really hard time."
- Chavi P., Israel


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