Macy Harjot Matarazzo,

Relationship Coah

"There is no way someone can

take this class and not have a creative transformation."

Aviva Siegel,


"My creative life is revitalized,

and I'm reminded of how important it is for my own well-being and happiness."

Carli Zug,


"This class opened up a ten-year creative block that I have had in songwriting. Julie is an inspiring, creative and supportive teacher."

Sara Blanchard,


"Since taking this course, my creative life has become unstuck." 

Dahlia Topolosky, PsyD. Licensed Psychologist 

"I faced my own inner critic and opened channels of creativity that I haven't seen in years."

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 14.31.17.png

Registration for The Calling now open. Use code playful by February 5th to receive a 10% discount. 


Artists are moody, unreliable, tortured, and insecure.


Artists can lead stable, grounded, loving, healthy lives.

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