"[Geller's] lyrics, sung in a folk-rock style, are insightful and deeply relevant in a confusing and frenetic world." 

Jewish Woman Magazine

"The magic of Geller’s work is that her music forms a cohesive unit of human experience."

Intermountain Jewish News

Julie at the White House House Hanukkah party, 2014. 

Julie grew up walking three miles round trip to synagogue with her father - a rabbi - and siblings most every shabbat. She can recall the feeling of her hand in his, her little feet racing to keep up with theirs. 

What was unique about their synagogue was that it was housed in an assisted living community. For many years, Julie and her siblings were the only kids in synagogue, as almost every other member of the congregation was over eighty. 

From those formative years, Julie learned everything important about life, beginning with the sounds of the nusach (tunes) of the davening (prayers). Quite passively, those ancient melodies made their way into the recesses of her heart (or perhaps they were already there?).

It was in that little chapel of the Allied Jewish Apartments in Denver, Colorado where Julie learned to trust the wisdom of those who have lived. In that room, she felt the importance of service and community. She began to understand that synagogue is a consistent and important gathering place in the midst of a hectic week. She grew to love shabbat.

In that room, she felt the power of prayer. She observed the power of leadership. She learned to love am yisrael and all of God's people.  


As an adult, Julie has taken those early life experience and directed them into a career as a musician and a teacher. She has taken Ashkenazi tunes, prayers, and modes, and made them her own. She has also incorporated the sounds of American music - pop, folk, and Americana - and put her own spin on them. She developed a curriculum to help people unlock their own creative potential. 

Over the years,  Julie's concerts have evolved to be what the best prayer service should be: filled with emotion and joy and hope and heartbreak and love. She regularly plays with her top-notch band, comprised of Ben Cohen (bass), David Ross, (piano), and Andreas Schmid (drums). 

A graduate of Harvard University with a Certificate of Contemporary Improvisation from the New England Conservatory of Music, Julie is fearless in her drive to create and in her desire to both help others through music and creativity. She has released six albums, produced over fifty music videos, and was awarded the Planetree Music Video Award in 2017 for her collaboration with St. Anthony North Health Campus for her original song and music video That's Why We're Here. She was was invited to the White House Hanukkah Party in 2014. She lives in Denver, CO with her husband and three children.

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